Turku. City and Ferry terminal

After visiting the Cathedral, we head towards the ferry terminal. A few photos of Turku from the bus window: Turku, Turku

Turku, Turku Turku, Turku Turku, Turku

The Aurajoki river, at the mouth of which is Turku. Turku, Turku

The Turku Castle. In General, the city deserves a separate visit - it is the cultural capital of Finland, unfortunately, so far it is obtained only by passing. Turku, The Fortress. Turku Castle

Very close to the castle is the Cruise port of Turku, where the berths of the Viking and Tallink-Silja ferry terminals are located. The Turku - Aland Islands - Stockholm ferry line starts here, terminals are called the "gateway to Europe" in Finland - transport portal the corridor goes through Sweden and then through the Oresund Strait to Denmark and German.

Turku. Silja Line ferry terminal


Turku. Silja Line ferry terminal

We are going to spend the night on another "Princess", but already "Baltika", which is already moored at the pier. Going out on the balcony of the terminal building, I managed to shoot an original panorama. Turku, Ferry terminal. Ferry Princess Of The Baltic. Turku, Ferry terminal, Baltic Princess, panorama

While we were waiting to Board, another ferry, the Viking Grace, arrived at the nearby Viking terminal. I was struck by the speed and accuracy with which it made its mooring. Turku, Ferry terminal. Ferry Princess Of The Baltic. Turku, Ferry terminal, Baltic Princess, panorama

Viking and Silja ferries operate on the same route and almost the same schedule. From the point of view of comfort for passengers, ferries of both companies are the same, only the orders on Board differ. Silja is aimed at those who want to combine a trip with a pleasant pastime - passengers can enjoy a variety of entertainment venues for every taste - cafes, bars, restaurants, casinos, a night club with a high-class show and a disco until the morning. Admission is free everywhere. Vikings are more severe in this regard, they are purely transport lines, but the fares are also lower. Viking Grace

Landing of two thousand people took about 20 minutes. While I was making my way through the endless corridors to my cabin, the ferry was under way, and by the time I got on deck, it was passing through the skerries of Turku.