Copenhagen. The Royal residence Amalienborg

Frederiksgade - axis outside the Amalienborg Royal residence.

Copenhagen. Panorama Frederiksgade

Equestrian statue of Frederic V. In the background Opera house. Only now I appreciate the enormity of this building - it seems that the theatre building directly behind the palaces Amalienborg, in fact the theater is on the other side of the harbour, almost half a kilometer from the square.

Copenhagen. Amalienborg. Equestrian statue of Frederick V

Today I found time to walk to the main area of Denmark, so now let me allow the photos made by me in the autumn of 2010.

Copenhagen. Amalienborg

Amalienborg (Amalienborg map) is the brainchild of architect Nicholas Atveda built according to the order of Christian V in commemoration of the tercentenary of the Oldenburg Royal dynasty.

Copenhagen. Amalienborg

Palace complex consists of four nearly identical buildings surrounding the octagonal square. The construction was carried out during 1750-1760.

Copenhagen. Amalienborg

the Name of the Palace got from the mansion belonging to the wife of Frederick III, Queen Sofia, Amalia and burned 1689.

Copenhagen. Amalienborg

Royal court moved to Amalienborg after a fire in the Palace Christiansborg in February 1794 and is here today. Pretty modest apartment, I must Copenhagen is much more than palaces and castles.

Copenhagen. Amalienborg

At the end of Frederiksgade stands the Frederic Church, known as the "Marble Church".

Copenhagen. Frederik's Church or the Marble Church (Frederiks Kirke, Marmorkirken)