Cathedral square (Pla de la Seu), Casa Balsells and Rectory

Cathedral square (Pla de la Seu on the map), one of the most beautiful places in Tarragona. At various times, it was called the Royal (Plaça de la Reina), Cathedral (Pla de la Catedral), and Constitution (Plaça de la Constitució).

Tarragona Cathedral square. Tarragona. Pla de la Seu

From the steps of the square you can see the prospect of the Main street (Carrer Maior), the location of the Tarragona holidays. It is from here that the night carnival procession begins, the culmination of the main city event-the feast of Saint Thekla, which takes place annually at the end of September.

Tarragona Cathedral square. Tarragona. Pla de la Seu

The left side of the square is occupied by the Palace of the Cathedral administrator (Palau del Cambrer de la Seu), known more asHouse Balsells (Casa Balsells), a remarkable example of medieval architecture. The first building appeared in the 12th century as the offices of the Cathedral, adjacent directly to it. In the 14th century, these rooms were rebuilt into chapels, and a Gothic Palace was erected on the square in front of the Cathedral. In the 17th century, the Palace began to serve as a residence for royalty during their frequent visits to Tarragona, for which purpose a Renaissance Annex was erected (in the foreground, the Gothic part is located closer to the Cathedral).

Tarragona. the Palace of Casa Balcells. Tarragona. Casa Balsells. Palace of the administrator of the Cathedral (Palau del Cambrer de la Seu)

On the other side of the square is another medieval building called "Rectory" (The residence of clergy). The building also originates in the 12th century, in the 15th century there was an extension, on the first floor of which there is a gallery. In the middle ages, a vegetable market was located under the arches; nowadays, on weekends, they sell all sorts of "flea" stuff.

Tarragona. Rectory. Cathedral square. Pla de la Seu. Tarragona. Rectory Tarragona Cathedral square. Tarragona. Cathedral Square.