Evening walk through the Old town

I bought a new one 3 days before my departure and missed this moment. The hardware is cheap, but the tripod is dead without it. And the corresponding shops are closed for the Christmas holidays.

Entering the territory of the Upper city through the gatePortal del Roser ( on the map), I found myself in the palol square, which got its name from the old municipal grain warehouse (Volta del Palol).

Tarragona. Old town. Palm Square

Then I went through theKnightly street (Carrer dels Cavallers).

Tarragona. Old town.

On one of the walls you can see such an original work.

Tarragona. Old town

Главная улица Старого города, Каррер Майор (Carrer Major) начинается с маленькой треугольной площади Баксиада де Мисерикорда (Baixada de Misericòrdia на карте).

Tarragona. Old town.

Каррер Майор приведет нас на площадь де ла Сеу (Pla de la Seu, Соборная площадь на карте), за которой высится главный фасад Кафедрального собора.

Tarragona. Old town.

Обойдем вокруг собора.

The Cathedral of Tarragona

The structure occupies almost a fifth of the Upper city.

The Cathedral of Tarragona The Cathedral of Tarragona

To the North-East of the Cathedral is the municipal slaughterhouse (on the map), now owned by the rector's office of the University of Rovira i Virgili (URV). Academic buildings of the University are located in new buildings and are located elsewhere.

Tarragona. University of Rovira and Virgilia

Turning left in front of the rectorate building and passing under the arch, you can find yourself on Portal del carro street, where the chapel of San Magiis located .