Morning over the Gulf Miracle

After looking at the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre, we will finally look at the coast of the Central part of Tarragona, located along the gentle arc of the Bay of miracle. On the left, you can see Cape De La Reina with its namesake Fort (Fortí de la Reina).

Tarragona. dawn

Looking to the right, we will see the mosaic pavement of the promenade of Rafael Casanova (Passeig Marítim de Rafael de Casanova)named, of course, not after the great Italian adventurer, but after the commander-in-chief of Catalonia during the War of the Spanish succession. In the distance, you can see the buildings of one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean.

Tarragona. dawn. Mediterranean balcony

Taking it to the right, we will seeMediterranean balcony and the beginning of the street Rambla Nova.

Tarragona. dawn. Mediterranean balcony

Turning back, we will look at the Tower of Pilate andMuseum of archeology.

Tarragona. Praetorium

And, going up to theReconciliation Park (Parc de la Reconciliació), let's take a look at the Tower of nuns and the remains of the Roman circus.

Tarragona. Nuns ' tower panorama

At this point, the first acquaintance with Tarragona is over, it's time to go to the hotel, get ready for the road. It was a pity that we could not visit the archaeological sites and museums - everything was closed due to Christmas. Well, there is a good reason to look here at least for a day again.