Serallo, fishermen's qiarter (Barri del Serrallo)

Promenade moll de La Costa continues embankment moll de Pescadors (Moll de Pescadors, the fishing quay, map). Stretches along the waterfront marinas fishing port, one of the largest in Spain. It passes through 30% of the total offshore production of Catalonia. In 2007 in the waters of the harbour, a fountain was built, named "a Geyser of Serlo" (Géiser del Serrallo), throws water to a height of over 20 meters. The fountain I saw, perhaps because it doesn't work in the winter or too early.

Tarragona. Promenade Moll de Pescadors.

Coast of lower part of Tarragona, where there is now the promenade moll de La Costa, has long been the abode of the fishermen. There were scattered fishing shacks, dried networks and there was a terrible smell of rotting fish. In the late 18th century at this place began the construction of a commercial port, surpassing fishermen on the West, under the walls of Fort Francoli, standing at the mouth of the same river. Adjacent to the Fort area was called "the Seraglio", which gave name to the quarter.

Serallo. Tarragona. Seraglio

New area received regular layout and was built three-four storey houses a fairly simple architecture, typical of port residential buildings of the 19th century. Much the same can be seen in Barcelona Barceloneta. Like Barceloneta, Serallo is renowned for its restaurants, offering a large selection of dishes from fish and seafood. Most of the restaurants are located along Trafalgar street (Carrer de Trafalgar), facing the promenade Mall de Pescadors.

Serallo. Tarragona. Serallo, panorama

One of the most famous institutions, Pòsit de Pescadors, occupies premises of the former fish market, built between 1911 and 1925 according to the project of Antoni Pujol (Antoni Pujol Sevil). The building is designed in the form of the passage, blocked by the metalwork.

Tarragona. Seraglio. Pòsit de Pescadors

center of the neighborhood is area of Bishop Bonita (La plaça del Bisbe Bonet ), which is decorated with a monument to the "fisherman's Family" (Família pescadora map), made Agustí, Josep (Josep Agustí Feliu i). One of his creations, "Grandpa Virgil", we have already seen in Rambla Nova.

The Family of fisherman mounment. Tarragona, Serallo

On this square is the Gothic facade of the Church of St. Peter the Apostle (Esglèsia de Sant Pere Apostol), built in 1880 by the architect Ramon Salas (Ramon Salas i Ricomà). The Church was built thanks to the efforts of the Bishop of Tarragona constanti Boneta (Constantí Bonet), his name and subsequently received the main square of Serallo.

Tarragona. The Church Of St. Peter The Apostle (Esglèsia de Sant Pere Apostol)