Avila to Madrid Bus. The plains of Castile

From Avila to Madrid, you can get there quickly by train, but I decided to take the bus. The new Avila bus station has just opened and is located behind the train station, on Avenida Juan Carlos I (on the map). The bus station operates in automatic mode, tickets are sold in a vending machine.

Avila. Bus terminal

The reason I chose the bus is simple - it costs 4 euros less, but it only takes half an hour longer. Flights are operated by the company Jimenez Dorado, (the schedule).

Avila-Madrid Bus Service

An ordinary-looking bus was equipped with individual media centers, as in planes and on premium lines of ALSA-Supra, but nothing worked.

Avila-Madrid Bus Service

Outside the window is the rolling plain of Central Castile, one of the highest in the world.


Despite the fact that this is the heart of Spain, the area looks completely uninhabited. In General, this is not surprising, if you take into account the average altitude of the area above sea level - about 1000 meters and the distance from the sea-there is a lack of moisture, and in winter there are real frosts.

Avila-Madrid. The plains of Castile

There are only a few tiny villages.

Avila-Madrid. The plains of Castile

with the same tiny cemeteries.

Avila-Madrid. The plains of Castile

Less than two hours later, the bus was already on Madrid's La Paz Avenue.

Madrid. La Paz Avenue)

Where the southern bus station, the largest in Madrid, is located.

Madrid. Southern bus station (Estación Sur de Autobuses)