Moll de la Fusta promenade

The embankment is a wide palm Avenue that stretches along the Old port (Port Vell).

Port Vell, Barcelona

At the very beginning of the embankment, behind the port Authority building, the schooner "Santa Eulalia" is moored, the largest exhibit of the Maritime Museum of Barcelona (more detailed).

Barcelona. Schooner Santa Eulalia

Opposite the schooner, you can see a monument to Joan Salvat-Papasseit (1894-1924), the Catalan avant-garde poet, author of the "First Manifesto of Catalan futurism".

Barcelona. Monument To Joan Salvato-Papasseit

After another hundred meters, we will see the surreal sculpture "The Couple" (La Parella). So the Chilean artist Lautaro Diaz Silva depicted two lovers.

The Couple (La Parella) sculpture, Barcelona

A little further on is a steel pedestrian bridge painted bright red.

Barcelona. Moll de la Fusta promenade

Why it was made a divorce is unclear. I have seen bridges of this design on canals in France.

Barcelona. Moll de la Fusta promenade

The bridge crosses the Ronda del Litoral Expressway, which runs along the coast, and connects the Moll de la Fusta embankment with Columbus Boulevard. Another bridge is visible at the end of the embankment. Then there was nothing remarkable except palm trees on the embankment, so I crossed the bridge to Columbus Boulevard.

Barcelona. Moll de la Fusta promenade