Skyscrapers on Carrer de Tarragona

Gran Hotel Torre Catalunya was built in 1970 and since 2018 has been named Nobu Hotel Barcelona. The height of the 25-storey building is 80 meters, and another 20 meters adds a mast with rotating advertising of Sony.

Torre Catalunia, Barcelona

Office building Tarragona (Edificio Tarragona) was built in 1998. The project was implemented architectural firm Fargas Associats. Height 78 meters, 22 floors, and 3 underground.

Tarrgona Tower, Barcelona

Tower of Núñez and Navarro (Torre Núñez y Navarro) belongs to the oil company Repsol, so has another name - Torre Repsol. The height of 77 meters, 20 floors + 4 underground. Built in 1993.

Tower of Núñez and Navarro, Barcelona

The skyscraper of the financial group Allianz SE (Torre Allianz).

Torre Allianz, Barcelona

The building was built in 1993, has a height of 77 meters, 20 above ground and 5 underground floors.

Torre Allianz, Barcelona