Over the Eastern Suburbs of Moscow. Landing in Domodedovo Airport

A little over an hour after leaving Kaliningrad, our plane is approaching Moscow.

Northwest Moscow region, view from an airplane

Under the wing is the densely built-up suburban settlements of the Northern Moscow region.

Northwest Moscow region, view from an airplane

Northern suburbs of the capital.

Northern suburbs of Moscow, aerial view

The plane circles Moscow from the East, heading in the direction of Domodedovo airport.

Eastern suburbs of Moscow, aerial view

Islands of multi-storey residential districts of the zamkadya region, now called Greater Moscow.

Eastern suburbs of Moscow, aerial view

How to live in these suburban anthills and spend several hours a day to get to work, I do not know.

Eastern suburbs of Moscow, aerial view

However, the flow of people wishing to become Muscovites does not stop. "You have to go to the center, everything is there!"(C) Boar, "blind man's Buff".

Eastern suburbs of Moscow, aerial view

The Ryazan district.

Ryazan district

Southern port.

Southern port

Geometric patterns of Lublin.


Northern Izmailovo.

Northern Izmailovo



Ponds of the Kuskovo estate.


Moscow river separates Marino from Kapotnya.

Marino and Kapotnya

The infamous kapotna oil refinery, which regularly covers the capital with aromas.

Oil refinery in kapotna

Shopping complex "green thumb".

Shopping complex 'green thumb'

The Pakhra River. On the top left are the huge warehouse buildings of the Severnoye Domodedovo logistics center.

The Pakhra River

From the starboard side, the skyscrapers of Moscow city can be seen in the distance.


The village of Yam on the banks of the Pakhra river appeared in the 17th century as a yamschitskaya station on the Bolshaya Kashirskaya road, one stage away from Moscow.

The Village Of Yam

Now in the bend of the Pakhra you can see the summer cottages of servants of the people and other respected people behind fences that resemble fortress walls.

The Village Of Yam

Domodedovo limestone quarry. Domodedovo limestone quarry

We cross the tracks of the Aviatsionnaya railway station, which is mainly used to supply the airport with fuel.

Aviatsionnaya Station

And finally, our plane rolled on the concrete GDP 14L/32R of Domodedovo airport.

Domodedovo airport

We turn onto the taxiway and drive past the fuel station.

Domodedovo airport

A gas station.

Domodedovo airport

Thai Boeing-777-2D7.

Domodedovo airport

Parking of decommissioned aircraft, you can notice that most of them are without engines.

Domodedovo airport

Domodedovo airport is the second largest passenger airport in Russia.

Domodedovo airport

We pull up to one of the galleries of S7. My first experience of flying with this carrier left the most favorable impressions: exactly on schedule, a good treat for such a short flight, calm and very friendly staff. No one stopped me from taking photos with a large DSLR until the very end of the flight, whereas on flights of Aeroflot and Ural airlines before landing, they required me to put the camera in a bag and put it under the seat or on a shelf.

Domodedovo airport

Finally, before leaving, I captured the open compartment of avionics servers located on the A320 family aircraft above the left front rows.

A319 avionics

The approach track.

Approach track