May morning on the banks of the Guadalquivir, Córdoba

The next morning, at seven-thirty, I was at the Roman bridge.

Cordoba. Roman bridge

In the evening, it was impossible to film the perspective of the bridge, because of the audience milling in front of the lens, but today the bridge was completely empty. The sun was still out, so the illumination was just perfect - no sudden sharp changes.

Cordoba. Roman bridge

Soon, over the glassy waters of the Guadalquivir, a reddish segment of the sun,

Cordoba. Dawn over the Guadalquivir

Окрасив в красноватые тона сначала ангела на колонне Сан-Рафаэль.

Cordoba. San Rafael Column

Купола Мескиты.

Cordoba. Roman bridge and Mesquita

И триумфальную арку при входе на мост.

Cordoba. Triomphe

Then the yellow-pink pink paint reached the ridges under the arches of the bridge.

Cordoba. Roman bridge

And I went along the embankment to the Albolafia wheel, which I had noticed from the bridge only yesterday.

Cordoba. Noria Albolafia

The wheel (Noria), which many believe to be a mill wheel, actually served to supply water to the baths of the Alcazar.

Cordoba. Noria Albolafia