Malaga. Huelin and the Torres de La Serna

From Plaza Cruz de Humilladero, I went out onto Avenida Juan XXIII and a few blocks later reached the Carretera de Cadiz district.

Malaga. Avenida Juan XXIII)

Church of Saint Ptrisius (Parroquia de San Patricio).

Malaga. Church of Saint Ptrisius (Parroquia de San Patricio)

Beyond the Church, the Welwyn area begins.

Malaga. Church of Saint Ptrisius (Parroquia de San Patricio)

Behind the Welin market, I found several quiet streets with one-story buildings typical of small towns, and completely unexpected among modern high-rise buildings.

Malaga. And Trade (Huelin)

I wandered through the cozy neighborhood and came out on the broad street of princes.

Malaga. Calle Princesa

There was a remarkable piece of street art in one of the alleys.

Malaga. Kindergarten

This is how blind fences and walls of kindergartens are decorated in Malaga.

Malaga. Kindergarten

Between via Princesa and Tabacalera showed another quarter of low - Torres-de-La-Serna.

Malaga. Quarter of Torres de la Serna (Torres de la Serna)

Inside the block there is a large Green square named after Manuel Martín Molina (Plaza Manuel Martín Molina).

Malaga. Plaza Manuel Martín Molina

If you are interested in walking along the quiet streets, I went further than I needed to and ended up in the wrong place at the entrance, and at the back of the Tabacalera, where the car Museum and the branch are located The Russian Museum.

Malaga. Tabakalera