Aguirre School (Escuelas Aguirre)

On the arrow formed by Alcala and Kaye O'donnell is the Aguirre School building (Escuelas Aguirre). Building in the style of neomudejar was built in the years 1881-1886. Architect Emilio Rodríguez Ayuso presented an innovative design for its time - the project provided for a swimming pool, sports and gym facilities, special rooms for the library and school Museum, a music hall and a meteorological Observatory in a special tower. According to his own project, in 1896-1898, a garden was laid out in front of the school building, where a Playground was equipped.

Madrid. The Aguirre School (Escuelas Aguirre)

The building was funded by the textile industrialist, philanthropist and educator Lucas Aguirre y Juárez (1800-1873), who bequeathed part of his fortune to the Association for public education, and was named after him.

Madrid. The Aguirre School. Monument To Lucas Aguirre-Juarez

Over time, the building was located on a small island in the middle of busy city highways and in 2006, the school was moved to a more suitable location, and the international Institute for the study of the Arab and Muslim world opened in the old building.

Madrid. The Aguirre School (Escuelas Aguirre)