Taverns of Calle Cava Baja

Hoping to have lunch, I came across Calle Cava Baja, where I found a large number of restaurants offering cuisine from different regions of Spain.

Madrid. Cava Baja (Calle Cava Baja)

However, some of them, like this "Fontaneria", had a non-working appearance, and others were closed for Siesta.

Madrid. Calle Cava Baja)

I had only to content myself with looking at their facades, which were decorated in a traditional style - with wooden doors and shutters.

Madrid. The Casa Lucio Restaurant.

Restaurants El Escaldon and Taberna Salamanca.

Madrid. Restaurants El Escaldon and Taberna Salamanca

The restaurant La Charta attracts with its large ceramic panels.

Madrid. La Charta Restaurant

The Cava de Illan has no rich history, and the sign says it was opened in 1988, but I was still able to satisfy my hunger and thirst here, and at a reasonable price.

Madrid. Tapas bar with bar De Illan

The Hotel's Restaurant, Horno De Asar.

Madrid. The Hotel's Restaurant, Horno De Asar