Tram No. 25 and the Gloria funicular

The walk to the Prazeres cemetery, I went back to the center.

Lisbon. Saint John Bosco Square (Praça São João Bosco)

The tram had to wait for a long time (there was just a window in the timetable), and when it finally arrived, the driver warned that the tram only goes to camoens square .

Lisbon. Tram

In the square of camoens square, I looked at the crowd of tourists at the bus stop, and decided that I should get home another way. I didn't want to go down to the subway, so I decided to walk to the Gloria funicular.

Lisbon. The Gloria funicular (Elevador da Glória)

Here, there was no excitement, and I calmly took a seat in the trailer.

Lisbon. The Gloria funicular (Elevador da Glória)

Meanwhile I studied the organs on a mountain tram,

Lisbon. The Gloria funicular (Elevador da Glória)

and admired the colorful passengers.

Lisbon. The Gloria funicular (Elevador da Glória)

The funicular took me to Restauradores square, from where I walked to my hotel. I must say that I would have taken the tram from camoens square to Comercio square in a tightly Packed tram for 20-25 minutes, and I don't know how long I would have stayed at the stop. A short walk along the Bayrou Alt and a comfortable descent on the funicular took 15 minutes.

Lisbon. Restauradores square (Praça dos Restauradores)