Villas Of Monte Tuoro, Capri

Opposite the famous cliffs, on the steep mountainside Monte Tuoro, there are several secluded villas scattered around celebrities.

Capri. Mount Tuoro (Monte Tuoro) "Dachas" in this part of the island belongs to the famous people, many of whom do not seek to advertise their personality. Capri. Mount Tuoro (Monte Tuoro)

According to legend, this house belongs to Roman Abramovich. Maybe and owned, or once owned-this property is often transferred from hand to hand, transactions are not advertised and few people know about it.

Capri. Mount Tuoro (Monte Tuoro)

Exclusive Punta Tragara 5* Hotel, famous for its all over the world with stunning views from the Windows. Accordingly, the place is it is not available to everyone, prices start at one and a half thousand euros in the season per day.

Capri. Mount Tuoro (Monte Tuoro)

Here the boat turns in the opposite way. Once again, you can admire the fantastic structures created by nature.

Rocks of the island of Capri

Coastal rocks have a huge number of grottos formed under the influence of wind, moisture and sea salt in soft rocks.

Rocks of the island of Capri

Sometimes the nature are the real sculptures as, for example, the turtle. Well, or a bird sitting in a nest, really in the a completely unnatural position.

bay of Naples

Our boat enters the Marina Grande Harbor.

Capri. Marina Grande Harbour

The jetties enclosing the Bay are quite well-maintained, even there is lighting.

Capri. Marina Grande Harbour

Probably, a walk here late in the evening will give a lot of pleasure, it is a pity that we do not have an overnight stay on the island.

Capri. Marina Grande Harbour Capri. Marina Grande Harbour

The boat dropped us right on the promenade of Christopher Columbus'. Now we have to climb to the upper part of the island, where there is a historical center and insanely expensive hotels and boutiques.

Capri. The Waterfront, Christopher Columbus