Ischia Ponte places of interest

Church of the Holy Spirit

Church of the Holy Spirit, Ischia Ponte

Next to the Cathedral of Virgen Assunta, on the other side of the street there is another church (Chiesa dello Spirito Santo), the facade of which, in contrast to the Cathedral, looks very simple (read more )

House of professor Malcovati

Casa Malcovati, Ischia

The house on the border of Ischia-Porto and Ischia-Ponte, far out in the sea is named Casa Malcovati. In 1563, a small fort was built here with a watchtower to protect it from pirates (read more )

Michelangelo Tower or Torre di Guevara

Ischia, Torre di Guevara

The main target of my walk today was the Torre di Guevara, which I saw yesterday from the bridge of the Aragonese castle. You can walk to it Via Nuova Cartaromana, Starting from the Europa hotel, but I am not looking for easy ways, and I reached the tower through the winding streets of Ischia Ponte
(read more )