Bamberg from the bus window

On the waterfront Am Red us takes the bus, and Kapuzinerstrasse we headed to the outskirts of the city.


Most of the old buildings in this part of the city is the University of Bamberg.


Again passing through Markusplatz.

Bamberg Bamberg Bamberg

Cross Maih-Donau Kanal over Europe bridge (Europabrücke)

Bamberg Bamberg

On the right Bank, passing the Church of St. Otto (St. Otto Kirche, map). The temple was built in 1912-1914 and is one of the finest new Church buildings in Bamberg.

Bamberg. The Church Of St. Otto (St. Otto Kirche)

Architect Otto Kurz mixed in his creation of various elements of the architectural history of the city in a single composition. The main features of the Church dates back to the Romanesque style, the Windows also can be traced Gothic forms.

Bamberg. The Church Of St. Otto (St. Otto Kirche)

And finally, the long drive along the vast old cemetery in the North-Western outskirts of the city.

Bamberg. Cemetery

Ahead - a long trip through the South-West of Germany.