Morning Triumphal square, Córdoba

You could walk around Cordova forever, but it was time to move on. I finished my morning walk on the place de Triomphe, a block from where my boarding house was located.

Cordoba. Plaza del Triunfo

Finally I looked at the sculptures of the columnsSan Rafael in broad daylight,

Cordoba. Sculptures of the San Rafael column

Then I went through the triumphal gate

Cordoba. The triumphal gate (Arco del Triunfo)

on the Roman bridge, where I looked out at Mesquita in the morning sun,

Cordoba. Roman bridge and Mesquita

On the rifts of the Guadalquivir.

Cordoba. Melenci on the Guadalquivir river

And the old mills.

Cordoba. Melenci on the Guadalquivir river This was the end of my first visit to Cordoba, which was purely for information purposes. The next time I visited this wonderful city was three years later, and I got acquainted with it thoroughly and in detail. Now I must go on to Seville.