Off the coast of Tabarka island

Tabarka Island

The catamaran reduces its speed on the coastal shoals of Tabarka, and passengers are invited to descend to the lower deck, equipped with large underwater portholes.

Catamaran Santa Pola-Tabarca. Underwater observation deck  

The Church of Peter and Paul (Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo).

Tabarka. The Church of Peter and Paul (Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo)

The catamaran enters the Harbor of Tabarka island. On the Eastern part of the island, you can see the San Jose tower.

Tabarka Island

And Tabarca lighthouse (Faro de Tabarca).

Tabarca island lighthouse (Faro de Tabarca)

Our catamaran docked in the port of La Caleta. In an hour and a half, he will be leaving for the return flight. It is not recommended to be late, as this is the only flight per day in winter. In summer, during the tourist season, there are, of course, many more flights.

Tabarka. The port of La Caleta (la Caleta Port)